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Palace Information
Palace Information
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The Foundation: The "Fernán Núñez" Palace

Since 1985 Fernán Núñez Palace is the head office of Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles. It was acquired in 1941 by Compañía de los Ferrocarriles del Oeste de España (Western Railway Company of Spain) and, after the railways nationalization in the same year, it became the headquarters of the Board of RENFE. Currently Adif (Administrator of Railway Infrastructure) and Renfe – Operadora (Renfe-Operator) are the owners.

The story begins in 1753 when Blas Jover, member of the Council of Fernando VI, built his home on a plot of Santa Isabel Convent gardens. Previously, this land belonged to Antonio Pérez, Private Secretary of Felipe II, on which he built his “"Atocha little house".

In 1769, after several property transfers, Miguel José Maria de la Cueva, 13th Duke of Alburquerque and 4th Marquis de la Mina, buys and transforms this house. He died in 1803 without heirs. For this reason this building was used as barracks, hospital and renting houses until 1815, when Felipe Osorio María de la Cueva, 7th Count of Cervellón, inherits the mansion. Then he married María Francisca de Asís, 2th Duchess of Fernán Nunez. They start a major remodeling (1847-1849) to convert this mansion into a Romantic Palace, as we can enjoy today. This "new" Palace becomes the center of social life in Madrid attending their parties and gatherings the royal family, nobility and other important members of the Spanish society.

The palace is divided into two areas: the noble and service. The noble part, the most preserved, is furnished and decorated with priceless works of art, rugs and tapestries from Santa Barbara Royal Factory, some based on Goya drawings, Murano and Baccarat crystal chandeliers, silks and other luxury decorations. Since 1941, the service area houses the offices of those who support the activities of railways.

Among the most significant environments are the Dancing Room that resembles the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles Palace, the unique Elizabethan Hall and the Dining Hall. We also noticed the garden designed by Parisians landscape architects and its gorgeous marble fountain.

Galería Jean Laurent, c. 1877
Galería 1936-1937 – Vicente Moreno, Aurelio Pérez Rioja, Contreras y Vilaseca
Galería José Luque, 1944
Galería Félix Lorrio, 2009

Palace photographs
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