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Mission and Objectives
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The Foundation: Mission and Objectives

The mission of Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles is to promote the knowledge and the use of railway through all kinds of activities: cultural, research and training, technological services, recovering and alternative use of the railway, and publications. It also maintains the Railway Library, the Historical Archive of Railway and Documentation Center of Railway, as well as two Museums in Madrid and in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).


Its objectives are:

  • Ensure the identification, conservation, restoration, extension and exhibition of cultural heritage of the Spanish railways.
  • Promote awareness and use of rail transport.
  • Promote research on the railway.
  • Promote training on the railway.
  • Dissemination of social, economic and cultural role of railways in the past and in the future, with printed, electronic and audiovisual.
  • Research and dissemination of economic and environmental benefits of rail transport.


To fulfill its objectives the Foundation performs the following activities:

  • Developing the plan for identification, protection and dissemination of historical and cultural heritage railway.
  • Preserving and enriching the funds of Historical Archives of the Spanish Railways, and Newspaper Library, making it accessible to the public.
  • Maintaining, enhancing and promoting the exhibition of the railway museum funds.
  • Performing and supporting research and studies on railway history, economy and technical and innovative aspects, including political, economic and social aspects.
  • Editing of periodical publication in all media, journals documentation on rail tracks.
  • Organizing cultural activities related to the railway such as literature prizes, Photographic competitions and exhibitions, among others.
  • Awarding scholarship and grants for training and researching related with railways.
  • Organizing and supporting meetings, courses, seminars, conferences and events about railway. The Foundation collaborates and helps to other entities or persons for attending these activities organized by other institutions in Spain and abroad.
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