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"Caminos de Hierro":Frecuentely Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Caminos de Hierro

Are photographs of any railways in the world accepted?
Yes, photographs of any railways in the world are accepted.

Is it possible to send the photographs by email or regular mail?
No, the photographs must be submitted online in the web:
And only after being pre-selected, the contestants must send their photos printed on paper by regular mail or deliver them by hand.

Can I participate with digital photographs?
Yes, you can participate with digital photographs (in jpg file), but in case you are pre-selected you must send the photo printed on paper.

How do I have the acknowledge receipt of my photo?
The system will display a screen confirming the presentation of your photo(s), including the reference number of each photograph. The participant can print the screen as the acknowledge receipt.

Is it possible to participate even if I do not live in Spain?
Yes, anybody can enter the competition, regardless of their residence.

Can I enter the competition even if I am not a Spanish citizen?
Yes, anybody can enter the competition, regardless of their citizenship.

Can I submit photographic montages?
Yes, the montages must fulfill the format specified in the Rules for individual photos or series.

What is the minimum or maximum size for individual photos?
Individual photographs may have one print on paper measuring a minimum size of 24 x 30 cm and a maximum size of 40 x 60 cm. For submitting the photo on line, the maximum size is 1.5 MB in jpg format.

How many pictures can be submitted in a photographic series?
A photographic series shall comprise no less than three and not exceed five photographs, all of them included in a single jpg file, and then, if it is preselected, printed in separate papers.

What is the minimum or maximum size of the photographic series?
The photographs for the series do not have a minimum size, only you must consider that the maximum space for installing the photographs in the travelling exhibition is approximately 90 x 45 cm (horizontal or vertical).

Who can compete for the Young Photographer Prize?
For the Young Photographer Prize the author must be younger than 26 years old during the year of the call for the contest. The young authors are also eligible for all of the other awards.

Can the participants have more than one award in the same edition?
Each participant may only receive one prize, although several of their works may be selected.

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